Continuing Health Care Annual Review


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Jul 16, 2019
Good evening to all,

I am new to the forum, and hope I can some advise/experiences on Continuing Health Care Annual Reviews.

My father has frontal lobe dementia and has been in full time care over two years.

He had his initial CHC assessment ( MDT run DST) in March 2018, and was finally awarded full CHC in July 2018 (another story over responsibility), with 2 severe and 5 high.

I attended his annual review and the assessor started by disagreeing with the previous assessment, went through every section, rescored my father (all be it he still got 2 severe and 5 high) and wants loads and loads of evidence for the review panel ( like almost daily behavioural records). And all this took over 4 hours. The initial only took 3 hours.

Having looked at the national framework the review should only be in depth if there is evidence of change. His can not change, other than get worse.

The care home staff are bemused by this in depth review and have said pass reviews have only taken 30 minute not the 4 hours this took.

Has anyone had similar experiences for their loved ones annual review taking longer than the initial MDT and the review almost scrutinised the nth degree?



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Jul 14, 2006
Hi @Berrytastic and welcome to DTP.

My husband qualified for CHC for the whole four years he was in his nursing home. That’s was from home to passing away.

Each review was an in depth one which to me was to be expected. He started with CHC and 1:1 care 24 hours a day. As his mobility became less his 1:1 was reduced to 12 hours a day and once bed bound that stopped. As he advanced his health needs changed and where one need decreased another increased and another health problem would need to be addressed. I found them very fair and they were always ready to listen to my thoughts in fact they would ask me.

It is daunting and a worry, I hope all goes well for you.