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Conspiracy theories

Dave Palmer

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Jul 18, 2008
London, ealing
Have been trying the emotional conversation approach with mum and it seems to bee working fairly well.
We're getting very frustrated with the conspiracies she keeps coming up with, ranging from moving her fags to playing with her finances. Any advice on how to sideswipe these fantasies as they can be extremely damaging. Thankfully the bank know the score and I am reluctant to take the financial LPA as it's her last bit of independence. However, compared to a week ago we're 1000% in a better place!


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Occasionally "I'll look into that for you " or similar may work. Lots of distraction too.

If their isn't the financial LPA Registered and ready to use as soon as needed tbh I'd be very worried about the bank suddenly deciding to freeze the account, even though the bank know the score and seem to be very understanding now..

Apologies if you have already read the thread , compassionate communication
it may give you some ideas, it is not easy to do nor does it always work.

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