Concerns about mum


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Feb 18, 2024
I wrote on here a few days ago about my Dad, he's had a CT scan it waiting for a MRI scan plus he's seeing a psychiatrist in a couple of weeks although there is a lot of attention towards my Dad and the 99.9% chance he has Dementia . I have concerns about my mum, she seems angry with him and just in general, I have concerns that she may also be possibly showing signs of cognitive behaviour. They are both 77 nearly 78 years of age. I'm struggling with this.


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Feb 25, 2014
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Hi @Columbo66

Unfortunately, it is by no means unheard of for the spouse of someone with dementia to go on and develop dementia themselves, so you could be right. Alternatively, she may just be exhausted from caring for him and overwhelmed by the diagnosis process.

Keep an eye on it, but take one step at a time. Get your dad diagnosed first.
Have either/both of them done POA? If not, or they have only put each other on it as attorneys Id get that sorted soon while they can still do it.
And breathe....