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Computer System To Help Dementia


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Oct 15, 2005
Hello all, this is my first entry on TP despite reading for many months, I feel I know a lot of people already but have never had the courage to write on here. I apologise in advance if I have put this in the wrong area of TP.

On todays BBC news I saw something which was of interest which other people may not have seen. I have been onto the BBC's website and found the information, I have included the link below;


Thanks for reading.


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Mar 7, 2004
Warm welcome

hello youngest son, feel I know you already, you sound so nice...........love your tag line.

I am not sure where you should be posting, but the main forum always gets a good look in. When you have a particular query, that is a good place to start.
Take care now, Connie


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Jun 3, 2005
Hi youngest son,
thanks for posting and the link you gave.

Don't be shy, we don't bite (although some of us are a little strange :D heh heh heh)

Do I take it that your Dad is affected by dementia?

Best wishes


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
Hi Youngest Son
thank you for posting that information and welcome to TP.
Now that you have broken the ice tell us more about youself,soon.
Norman :D


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Oct 15, 2005
Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome.

My Dad is in the late stages of Dementia/AD (sorry, very difficult to determine which) and is in a great care home. We visit him every couple of weeks due to living a fair distance away. He has been in care now for almost a year, we visited him a couple of weeks ago where we got the best reception we could imagine, although his speech was slurry, he knew who we were and chatted away for a long time. Mum visits him almost every day and we have the support of many friends, I speak to Mum numerous times per week to catch up on Dad and see how things are.

Dad did a lot for me when I lived at home and helped me when I got my first house, I feel I owe him everything. Dad remembers when his grandson was born a couple of years ago and photos are a constant reminder for him, the look of joy when we told him at Christmas he was to be a grandad again was unforgettable. It's still strange seeing him as he is now, but he's happy, the care nurses are really good and he is well looked after.

I have read about bad cases and realise how lucky we are that Dad is in such a good home. Mum has done really well to get to where she is today and knowing he is well looked after, I'm proud of her too.

Sorry to waffle on, but hopefully that gives a further insight into my position.

Here's to many more TP messages.


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Jul 15, 2005
Hi Youngest Son,
There was a news article in the US last month about a computer program that wasn't as personal as the Scottish made program in your article. It was more geared toward memory games and thinking strategies. It also said that it was for the naturally aging who wanted to improve their memory but that test were being done to see if there was any imporvement with dimentia sufferers.
If you run across anything else please post it. I would think that those kinds of programs would be most helpful in the early stages rather than late but that is just my feeling on it.

Welcome to TP.