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marilyn orton

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Feb 18, 2010
Rhonddacynon taf
My mother has end stage multi-infarct dementia and occupies a CHC bed in a satellite hospital. Her care is basic and adequate.
Our concern is the antiquated attitude of the nursing staff as the ward is run in an autocratic manner and questions are not welcome.
All we would like to do is be involved with our mothers care as otherwise she is stuck in bed "waiting for God"
I am a physiotherapist and train people in manual handling, however the standard of handling is attricious
yesterday the sister left a message to say she didn't think my mother should have a bath as it was too cold??? no medical reason no communication.
Mother hasn't got long and we enjoy doing these things with her but the attitude is no negative, they think its a good idea to give her a blanket so she can do some pretend washing of clothes!!!
we are so fed up with this attitude and want to complain but to whom
sorry its been such a long message it is my first so a lot to get off my chest
thsnks for listening

Winnie Kjaer

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Aug 14, 2009
Hello Marilyn,
Welcome to TP, I hope you will find it to be as supportive and informative as I do.
I am sorry to hear about your mothers care. It does not sound good to me. If I was in your shoes I would have a word with SS and if possible ask for a meeting with them, your mothers consultant and the Manager/matron of the CH. I was always told that as a carer you have a right to participate in the care of your cared for. I have always found this possible even though I originally had to argue my point in one hospital. Since then they have always been happy for my assistance. You should be able to do as much and as little as you like for your mother, as long as it does not disrupt the routine of the home.
No comment about the blanket except for the fact that if that keeps her happy and occupied then that is fine. anything that makes your mother more happy should be acceptable.
If the CH in your opinion is using wrong handling tactics this too should be discussed at the meeting. Have you tried to approach the CH manager about your issues already?

marilyn orton

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Feb 18, 2010
Rhonddacynon taf
Thanks Win

Yes we have had several forced meetings with staff regarding my mother's care but everything is always confrontational and we are so tired of this feeling of having to fight just to ask how she is etc. We have lost all trust and find it hard to believe anything they say, as she cannot talk and is not one who screams and shouts but just lives in her own world. She has contractures now which I mentioned to them quite a while back as I knew it would effect her ability to sit out in a chair but they are not bothered and would prefer her bed bound as it is less work for them, or so it seems as if we did not get her out of bed she never would get out of bed. The sister said she would phone me yesterday and then today but she hasn't so Maybe I will do as you suggest and ask for a meeting to discuss her care, so thanks for that


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Jan 22, 2010
this is sad to read nursing should be a vocation and staff should want to do the best for the patients to get the most out of the last part of their lives.
Firstly would you consider a move to another place? Just because she is there now does not mean she has to stay there if you are not happy with the care.
Secondly is there a social worker or CPN involved who could support you at these meetings?
Thirdly I can understand in some way about the bath but surely if you are only doing it a few times a week their should be no problems? How about giving her a nice hand massage or doing her feet in a nice bowl of warm soapy water and spending time doing her nails and things to make up for it?

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