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Checking dad for infection. Urine Creatinine 5.7 Egfr 34


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May 7, 2019
I had a phone call from dads carers today to say he had run out of meds. Apparently the office had told them to phone me(handed that all over when mum was getting worse)So I had to chase that up and order dads shopping as none done.
I spent the day with dad today . It was a good day. The nurse has come and taken more blood as checking his kidneys and liver as his egfr is 34. His creatinine is 5.7. Not sure I understand it completely.
Dad very confused today. He cannot remember what year he went to join the RAF . Or what year he joined a factory. He got me completely confused with mum today as he thought it was me(mum) pushing a pram.He had completely got confused with the years. His walking is a lot slower than usual. I took him outside into his garden where we sat for a while. Apparently the nurse said as well they are checking for an infection. As he has one somewhere. Looking at his used pads it is in the catheter. He also is smelling again. So I have taken photos to email the doctor and will also ask why nothing has been reported or written down in dads care notes to say about this.(Care company)Not impressed with them at all..

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
A big worry for you @TNJJ

I don`t understand the meaning of the figures you mention but hope they can be corrected.