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CHC initial assessment


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I'd be grateful for some advice here as I am feeling rather at sea despite reading lots of online information. After 7 weeks in hospital Mum has moved to a home with nursing care on a 28 day bed pending an assessment for CHC funding. I am pretty happy with the home so far - indeed Mum has made great improvements in eating and weight since moving there. An initial assessment was undertaken last week - rather sooner than I or her assigned nurse has expected. I was unable to attend but was told before the meeting I would be contacted and given an opportunity for input - but since then there has been no contact and haven't been given any contact details to find out what is happening. Is this usual? Is the CHC review done through the NHS or local social services. Does anyone know who I might contact to find out more?


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Nov 20, 2011
I believe an initial assessment can be triggered by social care or the hospital with the next stages in the process conducted by the local clinical commissioning group. If you Google Liverpool CCG you will get the contact details.

Mum has just been through the process, in the end they decided she didn't meet the threshold, but I was invited to attend the assessments. They did want to know whether I had LPA, but I think they would have allowed me to be present even if I hadn't had it.


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Thanks Quizbunny - I've now found the relevant clinical commissioning group. If we go to full assessment I shall definitely try to be there. The nursing home seem to be doing such a good job I doubt Mum will get the funding though her improved physical condition means she is more of a falls risk and more likely to refuse meds! Swings and roundabouts.


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Jan 3, 2019
My understanding of applying for CHC is that the authorities have 28 days to respond.

Despite having a H&W LPA, we’ve already been told that “because of data protection, the results of the assessment are confidential.” Absolutely untrue, so don’t let anyone fob you off. Another one we’ve heard is, “Your mother wouldn’t qualify as she will need long term care,” Again, an inaccuracy.

Even though I’ve just started down the CHC route, I found this website really useful for advice for ensuring that procedures are followed correctly. It’s already surprised me how little many of the NHS staff know about CHC and an individuals entitlement.



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Thanks @Champers - at the moment I have been told that I will be able to see the results but we are still waiting for a decision from the initial assessment. As I work in archives and information compliance they'll get short shrift if they try the data protection line on me! I'll take a look at the link. Fortunately the nursing home has plenty of experience in this,
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