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May 7, 2024
i am new to here
my dad as vascular dementia last week he had a bad fall in the kitchen at home and ended up in hospital lucky he didnt break anything just badly bruised he is 88 years of age and up to then was living at home with our brother but he works nights
anyway on discharge they brough him home from hospital in ambulance and with care team to assess him with is mobility they struggled even to get him in the door and to his chair and once they seen is stairs they said no way he would get him up the stairs and so we ajusted the front room into a bedroom bringing is bed etc down stairs and they sent someone back to the hospital for high back chair and commode but there was no way of getting him from one room to the other he was that bad he couldnt even stand up they should of never discharged him anyway the assessers said there is no way they could leave him and he would have to go back to the hospital of which he did to the discharge ward sat around waiting to get him some where so he had to wait over night and the next day got him a bed in rehabilitaton hospital where he is not but he is so confused he dont know where he is and keeps crying to go home is dementia is getting realy bad we just dont know what to do also wonder if we could apply for contuious care so we can take him home with carer though the night for when our brother is a work because there is no way they will let him home to be left on is own while our brother at work he is a danger to himself thank you for reading


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Aug 30, 2013
It is unlikely that he will qualify for CHC funding.
The best route for him now is a Discharge to Assess bed(D2A) in a (usually) local care Home, where he will be assessed for needs, and a plan for ongoing care created.
This may well be a permanent Care Home place, rather than returning to his house.
The hospital will arrange this, but you may have to remind them of the already failed discharge.



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Oct 2, 2023
Have you tried contacting your local adult SS crisis team?
Or Dementia Crisis?
Either should be able to help.
Sounds like you dad does need 24 hour care.
We refused to take mum home as she already had carers & it did not work.
As said she was sent to a discharge to assess home. Which is free for up to 6 weeks in this area. A social worker was assigned who went out to see her - I made sure I was there as mum was excellent at masking to strangers.
The social worker did all the work getting mum fully funded nursing home care. She was absolutely brilliant!
All I had to do were 2 Teams meetings, but I did do much research prior to them so I knew all the trigger points. CHC was granted but before it kicked in mum was admitted to the local hospice & died 2 weeks later.