CHas anyone else had similar experiences


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Oct 13, 2005
Can anyone give any advice?It has become apparent that in the weeks leading up to my mum's admission into hospital more than normal amounts of cash were being withdrawn from my mothers account.So far I have found £200 in her house but another family member was concerned re bogus callers and when questioning my mum she said she had "helped myself out"-apart from giving myself minimal amounts to treat my son I have not and would not accept money in any large amounts.I feel so angry and upset at the moment and wonder if anyone has had similar experiences within families.I feel that my mum could have done anything in the weeks leading up to admission and we should not be trying to make logical explanations for a condition that often does not have any logic to it.
I feel that it is so sad that this could occur within families who are already in turmoil and we should pull together and not tear eachother apart


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Mar 13, 2004
Dear Marie

This is something you have to be careful of when Alzheimer's is just beginning.
My mother tried to hand expensive jewellery to people and had taken to keeping lots of cash and all her jewellery in her handbag at once.

As Alz progressed I had to take all cash, jewellery (except her wedding ring which she managed to loss repeatedly) and valuables away from mum. I let her have her handbag and purse with some loose change in it so that she didn't feel totally broke.

Money and valuables begin to have little meaning when someone has alzheimer's and they will give things away without thinking, including money.

You'll need to face this and address the situation in whatever way you think fit, It's very hard and sad to have to do this for a loved one but you must remember that you are doing it for their own good and safety.

best wishes


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Oct 23, 2003
West Sussex
Dear Marie, Magic is so right in all she says, whats done is done, but if you can avoid any more problems like this it should make things easier within the family. Oh how I hate this awful disease and what it does to us all, not just the sufferer, the torment it can cause to those that care for them is often even worse at times, because we have to justify and explain the unexplainable to others, nightmare! Love She. XX