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Discussion in 'Legal and financial issues' started by Jillysvintage, May 28, 2018.

  1. Jillysvintage

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    May 28, 2018
    my mother was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia a few weeks ago after waiting 3 months for the assessment. As her carer, I was responsible for arranging all the tests and appointments, whilst my brother, who lives 150 miles away and hasn’t seen her for 5 months kept telling her there was nothing wrong and she should ignore me and not go to the appointments. She completed a POA last year and updated her will. Since the diagnosis she has developed some serious delusions specifically about me. I break in to the house every night, steal her cards, money, gin, fuses, leave threatening letters, take her keys and lock her in them return them so she can find them again. She has told social services and the medical professionals to have no contact with me, and her CPN has advised me to stay away as I am the catalyst for her delusions. I am led to believe she is seeking advice from her solicitor about changing her POA to another family member and also that she is cutting me out of her will as she hates me. I don’t really care about the financial aspect, but she would have had help from family members in trying to change both the will and the POA. Given I get regular calls from the police about the reports she makes, she has made at least 6 to 10 duplicate direct debits for insurance she doesn’t want/need, and regularly reports her money cards stolen, I don’t consider she has the capacity to make those kind of decisions. Her CPN says she does! I intend to call the POA office tomorrow, but any advice would be appreciated. Btw, no one who knows her would willing agree to sign as a witness to her will or POA forms to say she is of sound mind.
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    hello @Jillysvintage
    a warm welcome to TP
    what a pickle, for you and your mum
    sadly, the reactions you describe are not at all uncommon - and FTD has its own set of particular issues
    none of this makes it easy for you to help keep your mum safe and well looked after

    it's a good idea to speak with one of the operators on the OPG call line - I called once, only had a 20min wait, and was listened to and given sound, helpful advice
    it may be worth contacting your mum's solicitors too - they may not be able to discuss anything with you but you can list out your concerns to them so they are aware of your worries

    these links may be of interest
  3. Jillysvintage

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    May 28, 2018
    Thank you, I rang this morning and was given relevant advice. Fingers crossed.

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