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CBBC feature programme My Life: Mr Alzhiemers and Me.


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Jan 10, 2012
South east
This was aired yesterday on CBBC to raise awareness for children affected by dementia.
It shows 3 different children each with a grandparent suffering from dementia and gives helpful and simple ideas as to how each child copes and their thoughts and feelings.
A great watch .... It was aired yesterday on CBBC at 5.15pm but can be watched on BBC I-player. Perhaps if someone can help with posting a link as I'm not techie?

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Just watched it. Thanks for posting.

(Just "copy" the address bar from the iplayer and "paste" it on here :) )
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Mar 24, 2014
I've just watched that. Alzheimers looks far better when there's family dealing with it. I've never experienced that kind of joy while dealing with it. Hubby never allowed himself to feel joy or happiness, even before the illness.

This had me crying in parts, and a favourite song of mine was in it! Oh yeah - gonna go and buy the other Imagine Dragons song as well, haha!

I felt so sorry for the little girl, living with her grandmother. She thought things would get better and was shocked when she learned they wouldn't. And the young lad with his grandfather.

Really good film. Recommend to everyone. It will brighten your day. Thanks so much for sharing :) Gonna book that to watch again. Wish it was on YouTube, too :)


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Aug 5, 2014
Kendal Cumbria
I watched this today on iplayer it made me cry! The older man with Vascular Dementia reminded me of my Dad who also doesn't make much sense when he speaks, but calls me "Luvvy" he doesn't sing as well as the old guy on the programme but enjoys singing bits of songs he remembers on occasions---although I haven't heard him sing in a while.
Lovely programme well worth watching.