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Apr 3, 2007

My name is Janka (Talitha is just a nick :)and I am from Slovakia. Please escuse me for the mistakes in this thread, but my English is not so good :rolleyes: I study psychology at the University and this year I would like to get Bachalor degree. I have just written a project about Alzheimer dementia and I have found your forum very useful as we have neither similar forums nor any other resources about it here in our country. Yesterday we started a new semester and our professor of clinical psychology have told us to choose a topic of our project and I have chosen Allzheimer again as I am rather interested in it. However,I will have to presentate a casuistic - something about a patient with this diagnosis and especially about the psychological interventions maded - just the next week. I have some personal experiences with these people (I work as a volonteer in local hospic) but I have no possibility to obtain information for such casuistic.. Therefore I ask you if somebody could send me some informations about somebody suffering this disease...(of course it woul be anonymous)...

Thank you for any response... Your sincerely

Janka - Talitha


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Oct 14, 2007
hospice volunteer


volonteer in local hospic)
It may be difficult to get what you want here, as time is short and no two cases of Alzheimer's disease are exactly alike. Why not ask the manager of the hospice you help at to give you some anonymous information? Or if that is not allowed, ask one of the visitors to a patient if they would be willing to help. I don't really think you could cover the topic in a very short time.