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Jul 6, 2007
I went to a carer's group yesterday run at the hospice. It was good meeting with others who are caring for people with cancer and good to talk about my situation with my mother who has vascular dementia and lung cancer. Unfortunately there is not an evening group as I only went yesterday because I am recovering from an operation and walking on crutches. The Alzheimers society run evening sessions so why can't cancer groups do the same? You wouldn't believe I am in SE London as there is nothing at all available. Went to see mum today and she expressed pain and has a nasty cough. It is very difficult knowing she has cancer and being so helpless too as she does not know why she has pain. It upsets me to see her.


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Nov 28, 2005
so why can't cancer groups do the same?
Hello there:

It is possible that the hospice is dependent on voluntary contributions. Therefore evening sessions may not be cost effective. Not sure of the circumstances, but it is a thought. (We have been heavily involved with our local day hospice and I am very aware of the cost problems!:()

I understand you being so upset. The very thought of someone geting double wammy - cancer and dementia - that really really upsets me.

Love Jan


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Mar 7, 2004
Unfortunately, with any care groups, there is never one size fits all.

I am on a committee where we are trying to recruit younger people to the board. They cannot meet at the times most convenient to us old fogeys.

I guess it was ever thus. Do hope you get something suitable soon.