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Cant keep eyes open


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Jan 12, 2016
My hubbys whi is 62 has had Alzheimers past 5 years but his condition is rapidly progressing even more so since lockdown he has been double incontinent for past few years his speech affected doesnt recognise anyone needs help with every aspect of daily living eating dressing showering practically everything his walking getting worse and recently he is very sleepy all this time even standing up he shuts his eyes I have coped with everything so far but this is horrendeous trying to keep him awake from he gets out of bed is awfull I am awaiting bloods to be done to check out for any cause anyone else gave this god dam awfull sleepiness


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Mar 15, 2020
if he sleeps during the day does he sleep through the night? mine has got vascular dementia for the last 18months and he sleeps especially most of the afternoon. he would sleep some of the morning away as well if he cant sit in the front garden. he says its boredom but i dont know or if he goes out for an hour, he is very tired afterwards. can you wake him to eat and drink? could it be his meds.