Can you explain funding?

Tilly Ann

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May 17, 2008
My mother has deteriorated and my father, her carer, cannot manage without 24/7 care at home.
We already have our quota for direct payments but mum's consultant, psychiatric nurse and social worker have all submitted reports supporting their need for this and there is a meeting on Thursday morning with the TCP, (I'm not sure who they are!?), to discuss.

Has anyone requested 24/7 care at home before? Was it granted?

My Dad is quite involved with the local Alzheimers Society and claims to know everything, but I would like to have "real" knowledge of the likely hood of this being granted.

Thanks in anticipation


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Apr 30, 2008
hi tilly,i will do my best with this one.funding depends on your mums assests eg does she own her home?does she have capital in it,in all does she have more than 21 grand in disposable capital?if so then anything over 21 grand is classed as non eligible for funding and they would be full cost in a care home i do believe that the amount is being raised to 58 grand in the near future.which will mean the client will have to have this amount or less to qualify for funding.hope it helps