Can I just scream!!


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Jan 8, 2010
After 4 terrible days and nights of wandering, anxiety,complete confusion, the medical opinion is Trevor had a mini stroke, may have been brought on by a fall he had last Monday. Emergency dr gave him diazepam in the middle of the night which gave him his first long spell of sleep all the week.however the Psy Nurse and dr called and thought he ought to be admitted for assessment for few days and to give me a rest. They would call for him this morning and take us both to the hospital to settle him in etc.

Suitcase packed and we all ready to go and the nurse arrives to say the bed has gone and as Trevor looks as though he has turned the corner she cant see on what basis she can try to admit him, although she did appreciate my break was gone out of the window.

And this is where the guilt kicks in again..I feel so wound up because I wasn't having that break that I seem to have lost sight of the fact that Trevor is improving.

Having said that, it is typical of this illness I find, that whilst the Nurse was here this morning Trevor appeared bright and managed a few jokes with she is gone, 30 minutes later he is asking me when are we going home and back to looking at odds with the world again.

Am definitely now researching sitters so thank you Helen and everyone for your help and advice with this.

Aaaaaaaaagh...there that should help. thanks for listening again!

Bronwen xx


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Jan 22, 2010
Sounds like you are really stressed and I cannot blame you, but remember you are doing a great job.
Dont forget about the use of respite if you are feeling at your wits end, gives you a break and he will be in a safe place.
However, just because the bed has gone does not mean he cannot be admitted to hospital, if things are getting too much just ring an ambulance or go to A ans E and a bed will have to be found for him, usually at another nearby hospital until a bed becomes available at your local hospital (the hospital has a responsibilty to make sure he is in a place of safety) If they try and get you to take him home just stand your ground and insist a bed is found. There is a policy in place for this where other hospitals with a bed have to accept him. xx