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Can anyone help - Care Assessment


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Mar 8, 2015
Is it right that Kent County Council can refuse to do a care referrals? I've been waiting for an assessment for my mum and a carer assessment, and they tell me im only entitled to a telephone assessment but not entitled to someone come to the home.

Am I right in thinking that they cannot refuse a referral? I cant understand how a telephone conversation will cover all my mothers needs.

Has anyone else had trouble with Kent County Council ?


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Jun 15, 2014
Ah, the 'telephone assessment'
Another money spinner.
Sorry Pinkpanther but I can't answer your question. Suffice to say it makes me so cross that the likes of us are not even worthy of face to face consultation.


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Dec 11, 2013
Hi Pinkpanther :)

You're right, they can't refuse to assess your mum. However.....they are, as I understand it, in a position to decide what level of assessment she needs. So, if as a result of the telephone assessment, it is apparent that she needs help / services, then they should move on to the next level and come to the house. Or if they don't think she needs help, they'll just stick to the first level and provide information and the dreaded 'signposting' :(

It's a bit like our GP surgery. Increasingly they try to get you to have a telephone appointment, and via a kind of triage system, the GP decides whether you need to be seen.

It's all supposed to save money.....though it seems to me that lots of things get done twice!!! :rolleyes:

So.....you need to make sure that the telephone conversation makes it clear that your mum (and you) needs a full assessment. If you make that clear, they should come out.

Am I being over-optimistic? Anyone???

All the best

Lindy xx
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Apr 3, 2014
near Folkestone
I had carer assessment today and as you live near me you have got to phone carer support as Social services don't do them here anymore! They came to my house so should come out to you too. However your mums assessment has to be done by SS . Hope that helps pinkpanther x

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