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Can anyone advise me


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Apr 1, 2015
I have recently been diagnosed with Vascular and "mixed" ie small vessel disease. I was 64 when diagnosed and am now recently 65.
My question is this.....Recently I have been suffering greatly with aching joints. My shoulders, arms. hands and numbness with pins and needles particularly when trying to sleep. I know its easy to blame this illness with everything but I am so distressed with the pain, fatigue when trying to garden (my great passion). It happens later in the day mostly.
I feel so angry that I cant do the things I used to do and enjoy (fishing, workIng) Can anyone help,advise me before I go to see a gp again, a thing which seems to bear little fruit. I feel I want to tell the whole medical profession to go to hell mostly. Is this symptom usual and is there anything I can help myself with this awful feeling of fairly constant pain and fatigue....Thankyou for listening I am not on medication by the way. I tried the rivistigmine patches and didnt get on with them and am waiting for further appointment to discuss meds in general
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Apr 22, 2010
East Hunsbury Northamptonshire
I do suffer with aching but its been a bit less since I have been dieting
I have fybromyalgia as well as Vas D
so cant say if theres a connection but its worth talking to GP
I changed surgeries after I was disattisfied with our surgery after it got taken over and became money centred not patient centred
My new surgery is very good


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Oct 18, 2013
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Keep a diary of the symptoms and go back to the GP (or hopefully a more helpful GP as Sarah suggests). You really need to get these problems sorted out so that you get your quality of life back - important for everyone, but so much more important that you keep engaged and active to try to slow down the progression of the dementia.

My Mum has mixed AD/VD and did start getting aches and pains at the same time as a sudden step down in her dementia. But I think she "felt" pain more because she was hit with depression. Her upper arms and shoulders seemed to ache a lot, I found it difficult to get much help from the GP she was seeing at the time. Eventual outcome was that she is permanently on Ibuprofen to keep her comfortable. My personal opinion is that her pain was not caused by the dementia - the stage of her dementia just made it more difficult for the doctor to investigate the cause.

I really hope that there is nothing too serious causing the pain. Please do try to get it properly investigated, please don't just assume it is the dementia and put up with it. Good luck.