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bus trip


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Mar 1, 2019
I just want to post this as i want to share .We have a car and we do use it but I find while I am driving hubby PWD will just sit there very quite we always have music on he loves all the 60's music .but still we don't do much chatting .
Yet if we take the bus , like today we went to York we chat at the bus stop and chat none stop on the journey we don't always talk sense ! but its interaction and we laugh soo much too .
yes the journey takes longer yes its cold stood at the bus stop BUT the pleasure he gets from it out weights the hassle .
plus we strike up conversation we random people . which we can talk about later at home .
also the exercise is good for us both and it has the benefit of making us both tired


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Apr 1, 2016
The car has a lot to answer for @lilypat - I’m sure it isolates us all. I used to enjoy walking my children to school when they were young, and other people’s children too (I was a childminder) I made lots of friends that way I simply wouldn’t have met if we’d gone in the car. But I wouldn’t be without mine...


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Apr 4, 2018
That’s quite interesting, as I’ve driven home tonight, about an hour, and barely a word spoken. Lots of sighs, and I had to initiate things, which I find difficult when I am trying concentrate on driving.


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Dec 15, 2012
I'm with you @lilypat I love travelling by bus and train
And have some lovely memories of dad and I on various journeys some just into town but esp steam trains and the open top bus between South and North Bays in Scarborough


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May 9, 2012
south-east London
My husband used to love bus journeys too @lilypat and as I am a reluctant driver, I was always happy to go on bus journeys with him. Like you say, it is a excellent way of encouraging conversation - and we both liked to relax and watch/comment on the passing scenery and activities.

We did reach a point where bus travel was no longer possible - but before that we experienced several very enjoyable years just pootling around by bus. He was thrilled when he turned 60 and was able to qualify for a 6O+ Oyster card entitling him to free travel in our area :)