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blood tests


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Mar 19, 2005
Hi to all

Just a general discussion point really, don't know what other people think on the topic............

The new blood tests that are (potentially) going to be used for early diagnosis of AD; good or bad?

The reason I ask? Well, it the news reports it claims that by finding the proteins found in sufferers of AD, treatment can be started early to stabilise symptoms. But on how would this be done if NICE won't licence the medication for use until moderate stages? Or are they thinking of other medications? Obviously if a cure was found then this would be more than fantastic, but otherwise would it not just cause worry as you wait for the symptoms to start?

Secondly, if we can be tested for AD, would this have any influence over financial things such as life insurance, mortgages etc, especially those of us with relatives who have developed early onset AD, as companies may not be so eager to sell to us if we are found to be a high risk.

Or am I talking nonsense? Don't wish to cause any bad feelings but would be interesetd in others' views.

Regards, Kate x.


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Jun 27, 2006
I saw an interview (BBC?) where the interviewer raised this very point - if NICE will not approve the available drugs for early AD , what is the point? The interviewee (who was something to do with the research team) indicated that these tests would be more useful for future drugs, although he waffled a bit on when they would be available. Of course, many of the drugs are produced in the US, so tests of this kind may spur further research here, where they'll prescribe practically anything (provided you can pay for it).

I'm more a "like to know" sort of person, but I can understand not wanting to know and I think, despite the fact that data protection and patient confidentiality are trotted out at every available opportunity, I'm sure that this sort of information would be detrimental to obtain various financial services. On the other hand, they can ask now if you have family members affected with various diseases, so I'm sure it already has an effect.

On the whole, I would say that an awareness of the potential market for a specific drug would be a good thing from the point of view of new drug research. I think I would take some sort of test, but to be fair, I don't have AD in the family (mummy has vascular dementia).