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Bit of a giggle.


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Apr 26, 2006
Having just had a boiler fitted, I asked a local joiner to come and box it in for me and he was due yesterday, so I made all the necessary arrangements with my wife and explained that he was coming, what he was going to do and told her not to worry. I had explained Jean's condition to the joiner and told him to expect anything.

When I got home last night, he had not been but he did phone me at about 8.00pm to explain why.

He turned up at 9.30 and knocked on the door. Jean was sat in her chair, facing the door, waiting for the the Soc Services people to arrive. She got up and went to the door, which is a large patio type sliding door, and stood there looking at the joiner. He was expecting her to open the door and let him in, but she has no idea how the door works as it slides rather than opening on it's hinges.

So the pair of them stood there and looked at each other for a few minutes, then, being a polite joiner, decided that, as he was not going to be invited in, he packed his tool bag and went away.

I just wish I could have been there at the time to see him trying to persuade Jean to let him in and wondering what this woman was doing just staring at him through the glass. You've gotta laugh, haven't you?