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Best clock ever


New member
Jan 25, 2018
I've already made a lengthy post about this amazing piece of technology in another section but as I don't want anyone to miss it here's the Website Honestly just take a look


It's brilliant

Also Blink home wireless cctv cameras are incredible

Chrissie B

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Jan 15, 2019
North Yorkshire
Wow, comes at a price doesn't it? Can it make tea and toast as well bychance?

Nice thought though, but does anyone else feel that as soon as the word dementia or Alzheimers is included in a product description, the price goes way up.


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Jan 19, 2016
From the developer's point of view the price is probably reasonable given the likely low volume of sales and the amount of support needed for those who don't know the jargon of computing. Apps to do a small part of this on an Android device are available but seem to sell less than 10 copies.

From a carer's point of view this may be an ideal solution - but for how long? I produced a simple app that gave the date and time in various forms and linked to our household diary. (I am told that producing software was my career but that seems a long time ago before I became a full-time carer). For 3 years my wife referred to it constantly and it helped her cope with her AZ, even taking it into hospital with her when she had a short stay. Then, one day, it meant nothing to her. Was it worth the cost and effort? - yes! Would it have been worth the cost and effort if she'd only had a few months' usage? - anybody's guess.

One thing that concerns me is its use as a reminder for medication. It's only mentioned in the "recommendations" but there is nothing in the main text that says it shouldn't be used in this way. As many of us know just reminding a PWD to take their medication is no guarantee they will actually take it and certainly no guarantee they will not take it twice no matter how hard we try to out-think the person. Using the device in this way makes it safety-critical which is a whole new ballgame. There are devices with interlocks, but as always AT A PRICE!