bad week again

barbara h

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Feb 15, 2008
county durham
Hi everyone

Last week we had mam having an agressive week shouting at us etc
They tried her on some anti depressents to try and make her get some proper rest (she has night reversal and hasn't slept in her bed since going into the care home 3 and a half weeks ago) and to try to calm her down. She had a terrible reaction to these which made her worse so the doctor has stopped the medication.

This week she has had a further deteriation she has withdrawn into herself and just sits with her head down and we can hardly make out what she says - not that it makes much sense anyway. The doctor came out on Wednesday and she agreed with the care home that she is having multiple mini strokes. She has had a fall today and bruised the side of head.

With vascular dementia you usually experience periods of stability but with mam it just seems a very quick decline.


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Jul 31, 2007
Dear Barbara,
Sorry it has been another bad week for you and your Mum.
We hope tomorrow will be a better day and when it is not, it is so hard.
I do hope that you have some better days.
Best wishes


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Apr 13, 2007
Sorry to hear that your week has been bad. My mums decline was very quick, about 8 months. I was shocked because the other residents conditions were stable and they seemed to remain the same.

There is no measure for AD. For me that was the hardest part, you never knew what you were walking into and you never knew how they are feeling as they cannot tell you.

I used to relish the good days and on the bad days I'd wish for the next day to be a good day.

My mum had multi sensory therapy and massage. It made her alot more alert.