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Bad Hair day


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Apr 22, 2010
East Hunsbury Northamptonshire
Oh dear I am having a bad day been to opticians and had to do the fields test 3 times.

Feeling tired, I have been offered a stall at Northampton Carnival and was planning to fund raise 50% for Alz Soc and 50% for church project, not sure if I have enough stuff.

My eyes feel really tired after all the lights being shone in them which means I dont feel like making anything complicated

Message to ring surgery tomorrow when they reopen, prob about urine sample
I keep tripping over my right foot so that needs to be investigated too.

I am reducing anti depressants and HRT

perhaps its just that?

Not feeling my ususal self can't cope with people talking to me I feel like switching off .

Think I will have a nap and see if that helps

Oh yes and the last straw was when i got in there is a letter inviting me to attend an ATOS type assesment