Automatic fall detector without SOS button


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May 15, 2019

I'm trying to source an automatic fall detector device, without an SOS button. My mum has mixed dementia and would not be able to press a button when needed. However, she would likely press this repeatedly when not needed.

Ideally one with is accurate, waterproof, and is backed by a 24/7 care contact.

Any advice, please?
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Apr 6, 2011
There is at least one waterproof (IP67 water resistant up to one metre, for up to 30 minutes) pendant with fall detection that has a button on two faces and requires them to be squeezed together to trigger an alarm although mashing a single button will also trigger an alarm.
Pressing either button on it's own causes a system test of rechargeable battery, mobile network connection, and GPS location.

It's supplied by Taking Care (was AgeUK), is a top if the range model and priced appropriately.
It's based on technology designed by ChipTech (Lancaster University) and largely manufactured in the Antipodes.

As I live alone, spend a lot of time in the garden out of audio range of a base station and also go walks in local countryside I have one.

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