1. whileaway

    whileaway Registered User

    Dec 11, 2015
    It seems to me that every Dementia sufferer is entitled to Attendants Allowance. But are They expected to apply, with their diminished capacity, and powers of agency? It seems to me that the Carers Must Apply and the funds would be used at their discretion for their carees, who are no longer able to plan for themselves. Attendants Allowance isn't 'means tested', which baffles me. Is the Carers Allowance?
  2. rhubarbtree

    rhubarbtree Registered User

    Jan 7, 2015
    North West
    I agree that applying for Attendance Allowance is a very strange experience. I filled the form in recently on my husbands behalf and it was difficult to keep in role. Fortunately my husband could understand what was written and was able to sign. I did have a phone call from the department to clarify a few points also pointing out that I should let them know when/if I register LPA. Higher rate was granted which I wasn't expecting. Can understand why many people on here recommend going to CAB for help with these forms.
  3. Grannie G

    Grannie G Volunteer Moderator

    Apr 3, 2006
    I think the rule of thumb when applying for Attendance Allowance is to think whether or not the person with dementia ;

    would be safe if left alone

    would be able to act in an emergency

    would panic

    would go out dressed appropriately

    would know who to allow access [meter readers etc]

    It`s a long while since I filled a form but I doubt if needs will have changed .

    I`m sorry I know nothing about carers allowance because I was over retirement age when I cared for my husband.
  4. josephinewilson

    josephinewilson Registered User

    May 19, 2015
    I filled in the attendance allowance forms for my mum last year and she just signed on the dotted line so to speak. There are indeed many pages and although I do a lot of writing, form filling in etc in my day job, I found it onerous and I well understand the benefits of having someone else official helping you with it. When it came through, however, it was and is paid straight into her bank account each month (and as I have POA I have access to that) We use it to help pay for care visits for her as she is well over the financial limit, and Attendance allowance is the only thing my mum actually qualifies for.
  5. fizzie

    fizzie Registered User

    Jul 20, 2011
    Age UK have volunteers who will help with form filling. It's a tricky form because it is about the help a person needs in an ideal world, not the help that they actually get. It's worth having some help with it. It is an oddball allowance but very useful and word has it that it is going to be stopped soon so new claimants need to move fast!
  6. carlton ann

    carlton ann Registered User

    Feb 13, 2016
    I made a claim before Xmas for AA. All I can say is get the paper version of the form, complete it as a none person ie not the claimant, not a carer and not as a relative. It will upset you, but it must be claimed. Once I had done this I realised that she needed an appointee so I signed the form on her behalf and ticked the box which said she was unaware of the claim. A visit from the benefits agency was arranged, confirmed mum could not act for herself, all benefits in my name for her now. Carers can be claimed once AA awarded by the person giving care so long as conditions are satisfied.
    Don't be too ashamed be honest to yourself in doing the forms, if you or someone was not there what would the dementia patient do?
  7. Beate

    Beate Registered User

    May 21, 2014
    #7 Beate, Feb 13, 2016
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2016
    Attendance Allowance is one of the few handouts that isn't means-tested whatsoever, but is purely granted on need, even if that need is not met, and no one will check what you actually spend it on. So I guess if you're a multimillionaire you have to deal with your conscience on whether to apply or not. But few people are, and AA opens the doors to other things like Carers Allowance, council tax SMI disregard and various discounts like for example the WaterSure Plus scheme. So in the light of its possible abolition for new claimants, don't hesitate and get the application in now. There are various organisations that can help with the form, and they know what to put. You have to remember to fill it in with the worst day in mind and be brutally honest what the person can't do and has difficulties with, and also how long these tasks take them.

    Carers Allowance is not means-tested in the way that your savings don't matter but you are not allowed to earn more than £110 a week. Basically they see you as doing this as a full time job of at least 35 hours a week so this should be more or less your only income. It's classed as a benefit though and not an income which is how they get away with paying you a paltry £62.10 a week, which is a complete joke if you've given up your career to look after someone. End of rant.
  8. Pegsdaughter

    Pegsdaughter Registered User

    Oct 7, 2014
    It's crackers isn't it. The bits about I need reminding etc . The form is a catch all so is for people who still have all their mental capacity as well as those who don't. As an ex civil servant I have done lots for people including several people on the course run about dementia by as. The hardest was doing it for my mum as it is so much more personal.

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  9. susy

    susy Registered User

    Jul 29, 2013
    North East
    I was reading through the form, my dad is on the lower amount of AA. My mum and invisible sister has power of attorney (EPA) and this as been invoked. He goes to bed himself and is encouraged to change his pully ups. He sleeps all night (sometimes gets up and wee's but no one gets up to help and so far this is ok. His bed is often wet or dirty in the morning however.
    As he has lost capacity and therefore cannot be left alone overnight would he be entitled to the higher amount?
  10. SueShell

    SueShell Registered User

    Sep 13, 2012
    It isn't means tested. A lot of pages to complete if I recall correctly. Be very detailed and put down WHAT ITS LIKE ON THE WORST DAYS! You do have to emphasise everything. Mums application was rejected the first time so learnt to put down every little detail for full impact for the person reading it.
  11. nitram

    nitram Registered User

    Apr 6, 2011
    North Manchester
    "Mums application was rejected the first time so learnt to put down every little detail for full impact for the person reading it."

    It's marked by ticking boxes so put the same details in more than one section if they are applicable, otherwise you won't score in all sections.
  12. Beate

    Beate Registered User

    May 21, 2014
    I think it also has to do with how long someone has to spend on help. If it's just 5 minutes every time, it might not be long enough. I've been told that 20 minutes is kind of a magic number. So if that is how long it takes on the worst day, don't hesitate to write it down!
  13. fizzie

    fizzie Registered User

    Jul 20, 2011
    This is a situation where you have to take the worst scenario and so if he was left for say 3 days he would be sleeping and probably walking around in the same pull ups, sleeping in a soiled bed and possibly wandering outside? In which case you need to write down that he is at risk and vulnerable and cannot be left at night and then detail the soiling etc
  14. Beate

    Beate Registered User

    May 21, 2014
    Does he take any medication for incontinence? Is his skin in danger of being compromised, does he get rashes or dry skin that needs to be creamed? Does he need to be taken to the toilet and washed and changed more often? His bed is wet and soiled in the morning so I would say yes. Remember this application is about his needs, whether they are being met or not, and incontinence usually requires a lot of help from others. If he is incontinent at night, then he has those needs at night.
  15. Shedrech

    Shedrech Volunteer Moderator

    Dec 15, 2012
    Hi susy
    just go ahead and apply - the form to increase the AA is much less daunting than the initial application form so the sooner you try the better - if he doesn't qualify now he certainly will in the foreseeable future
  16. Suzanna1969

    Suzanna1969 Registered User

    Mar 28, 2015
    I called up my local branch of Age UK for both Mum's AA application form and Dad's too (Dad was awarded the higher rate from the start). They know how to word things so that you are likely to get the best outcome. Likewise after Mum had another stroke and we applied for an upgrade to the higher rate, the Age UK lady helped with that and her advice throughout the whole process was invaluable.

    So I'd advise calling them. That's what they're there for after all, you don't keep a dog and bark yourself!
  17. fizzie

    fizzie Registered User

    Jul 20, 2011
    i agree with susanna
    0800 169 2081
  18. Spamar

    Spamar Registered User

    Oct 5, 2013
    Our local dementia advisor did OHs AA as soon as he was diagnosed. As AS stopped doing this, AgeUK did the one for AA higher. At the same time she asked what I was getting ( I have arthritis and walk with sticks). Well, nothing! I was too young by a few months for AA, but qualified for DLA. since then that has changed to PIP. I would never have known except for Age UK doing OHs AA higher!
    Thank you, Brenda from Age UK!
  19. its a struggle

    its a struggle Registered User

    Just a quick note - MIL is fiercely independent (still!) and in denial about her capabilities. It was hard to complete the form on her behalf without feeling I was betraying her in some way. I put all of her worst days on the form, warts & all. When it came to signing I ticked the box to say I was signing on her behalf and that she was not aware of this. My reasons on the form were that she would deny the need and be very distressed by seeing it all written down. We were successful without any further interviews.

    I did tell her I had applied and she asked for a copy of the form:eek: I took a deep breath and said no, which surprised her ( don't often tell her no!). I said it was quite an intrusive form and I didn't want her to be upset by some of the examples I had to give in order to (hopefully) be awarded AA. She accepted this and settled quite quickly.

    When the award letter arrived she had totally forgotten about the application and we went through the same conversation again. Now she doesn't remember what it was for and thinks it is related to the winter fuel payment:D
  20. susy

    susy Registered User

    Jul 29, 2013
    North East
    Thank you so much all of you. That has really helped. Will get the application form downloaded and ask advice from age uk.
    From reading this.... If my dad was left for 3 days and nights he is incapable of making food or drink for himself. He wouldn't change clothes and would no doubt still be in the pully ups from 3 days ago if they hadn't disintegrated by then (ewwww) he has cream applied every day for dry skin and this would break down if not applied.

    Fingers crossed.

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