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Dec 28, 2005
My wife a 58 yo AD sufferer has started taking Aricept beginning just 4 days ago. She has become very tearful and upset and cries a great deal particularly in the morning. Does anyone have any experience? Will the tears go away? Are they likely to be related to the Aricept?


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Mar 13, 2006
hello david,

welcome to TP

my mum used to cry for hours, when she was first diagnosed, she wasnt put on aricept though, at the moment she's taking prozac for depression.
reading some other threads it does seem pretty common, but i think some medication is needed, perhaps when the aricept kicks in things will calm down a bit.
have a look at this factsheet
there are a lot of other sheets which you might find beneficial.
hope things improve soon
good luck


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Feb 24, 2006
If you ask her why she cries, is she able to explain how she is feeling?

(If anyone prescribed Aricept for me I think I'd cry too.)