Are people with Alzheimer’s regarded as extremely vunerable


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Mar 2, 2009
NE Essex
I have been trying, with various success, to obtain shopping slots with Sainsbury’s, priority is given to the extremely vulnerable and you should be in receipt of a letter from the doctor. I have not received one, ? Has anyone.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Unfortunately the government has issued very ridged criteria for people it considers highly vulnerable and should be shielded, but dementia is not on that list.

Both OH and I are under 65 years old and have not recieved a letter from the government, so we cannot access any priority at all anywhere.


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
My wife and I are both over 65 but my wife's only health issues relate to dementia and other mental health issues. We didn't receive a letter and the only time I was able to get a delivery slot was in week 1 of lockdown.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Dementia is unlikely to be added to the shielding list as all cases are being reviewed and affected people notified in an attempt to reduce the list.

Any member on the list should note

'This will not affect your eligibility for a supermarket priority delivery slot or any slots you already have in place'

Letter will probably be reworded in line with recent relaxation allowing exit from house.
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Mar 2, 2016
South Northwest
The problem is that if everyone with special needs qualified for a priority slot, nobody would ever get one, so they worked out what the supermarkets could realistically manage and gave a hefty proportion over to those they thought to be most in danger.

My mother's ridiculously low (but apparently rather feisty) immune system qualifies her, even though being unable to do anything for herself whatsoever doesn't, so we're one of the 2 million or so On Zee List! However I've not used that, because we have neighbours who would get things for us if I asked... I'm just too proud (stupid) to ask.

So I've been making it my job to get a slot at Tesco. Logging on is now an hourly job if I haven't got a slot, and so far I've managed pretty well. Checking in the night, when I'm up with Mum for the loo or because she's unsettled, helps; especially between about 5am and 7. In fact this week I've cancelled a slot because I had too much success and don't need anything really.

Iceland is my best bet though. In fact they email me when they've got a slot, and they release their general slots at about 11am round here. So I'd be able to get a slot for the day after tomorrow fairly easily most days.... probably because their range is very limited and so don't have substitutions for most things, so folk will probably be put off.

However I'm just grateful when anything turns up at the door. I hate not being able to go and snaffle reduced to clear stuff at Tesco, but while the world's a bit of a gamble I've overcome my hatred of home shopping laziness to become reliant on it... for now.

Of course all this is heavily reliant on availability locally, so my experience may just be fortunate. If slots dry up though, these are my emergency links for food parcels...