anyone any experience of the use of Clozaril ?


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Apr 15, 2008
My mum has Lewy body and for some time now her hallucinations have been getting worse.She gets very agitated when they occur,regularly throughout the day.This is made worse by the fact that she thinks my Dad is two different people.We have seen the neurologist today and he has suggested she goes into hospital for a few days to start her on Clorazil.He has said to mention it to her psychiatrist and see what he thinks and they will be in touch.I am concerned because i thought neuroleptic drugs didn't react well with Lewy body.Does anyone have any experience of this?She is very distressed at times but should we be taking this risk?


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Feb 20, 2008
West Yorkshire
Dear Sue
My dad has had vascular dementia for five years. He has a mixed diagnosis as he also has an enduring psychotic condition. During his treatment over the years it was found he could not tolerate anti-psychotic medication in even very small doses. He was eventually put on Chlozaril( sp?) as a last resort, he was on a tiny dose and it seemed to control his symptoms (hallucinations and paranoid thoughts)which were extremely severe. He was on this for two and a half years. It was extremely sedating, but there was no other option, his symptoms were that bad. It is dispensed under special conditons, as I remember, and Dad had to have regular blood tests to keep an eye on his blood count. We were especially councelled at that time he went on it. Hope this helps, but do remember that everybody reacts differently to these drugs. Always be guided by the consultants advice. Dont worry about asking questions, ask as many as you can think of until you are reassured.
take care