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Any help appreciated!


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May 19, 2015
My Mum, 89, has been in a residential home for nearly 2 years and although her memory has been detiorating slowly she has remained in reasonably good health. Just before Christmas however something happened almost overnight and since then she has no recollection of moving in there, having a room there, her own bed and belongings all there. She thinks she's in hospital or is only visiting for a couple of days and doesn't recognise her surroundings or the staff or remember anythingof the routine. My husband and I visit her every night and we get the same repetitive questions over and over again.
Recently she has started to become argumentative with us and staff. She often says she had has no food all day but she has eaten all her meals. Straight after her meal she will argue with the staff saying she's had nothing eventhough her empty plate is still in front of her.
She often asks who lives on the farm we used to live on but it was 35 years since we left there. She has very recently been even more confused and has been trying to get up out of the chair herself when she needs help for this. She cannot walk unaided and has also been trying to climb out of bed.

We haven't "officially" been told she has dementia but it is obvious really.
She had a CT after christmas which showed "no major changes" although they did say there was slight damage to nerve endings or blood vessels.

I am finding it really hard to understand all of this and it is heartbreaking to see how agitated she becomes and when we leave her now she cannot understand why we are going and leaving her on her own!!

I would appreciate any help, advice or support from people going through similar or from people who are going through similar with a relative or loved one. Does anyone recognise this behaviour and can explain the stages she is going through or give any advice/explanation?!