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another trifle day


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Jan 26, 2015
went to see hubby again on Saturday and took another trifle something like this seems to help him stay with us until he has got settled with us being there.the other week he had a real stoop and side ways walk the care home was talking about him seeing someone who might be able to help him but think hubby must have heard this as he now stands up straight and walks straight, but am pleased at the moment he wont need anything done as little things are so upsetting for people with dementia,our last visit we had a good wander round looking for 1 slipper 1 leather shoe 1 canvas shoe all found in the lounge where hubby had taken them for breakfast its so nice to be able to look smile at little things like these and take home some happy times,next time he want cream doughnuts


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Mar 24, 2014
Ooh, cream doughnuts. I could fancy some of them as well :) Shopping list for Friday, haha!

Glad you found everything, Marmalade :)

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