Annual CHC review/checklist meeting


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Nov 23, 2006

Mum is in an EMI care home and has been fully funded for the last 4years. She is due to have 'checklist' assessment next week and I have been told by the PCT that if it proved necessary a DST will be done straight afterwards. I have also been informed that I will not be allowed into the Nursing Assessment checklist meeting until 10 minutes from the end.

Is it normal procedure go straight into the DST without giving me enough time to read through the checklist paperwork and prepare my case for the DST?

Obviously I am hoping that a DST will not be necessary, but when the appt was booked the PCT have arranged for their Mental Health Assessor to be available for 3.5 hours in case a DST is required.

Has anyone experienced this before?


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Jun 27, 2006
Glyn I've just noticed you haven't had any responses to your question and I am sorry for that. I suspect it's because most of us have no idea of the answer - I certainly don't. However, I'm bumping the thread back up to the top in case anyone has any advice to offer.

You might also want to contact the helpline since they at least will be able to tell you if this is normal procedure I would think.