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Angry with Social Services!


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Dec 16, 2015
Hi everyone,
In my previous thread i explained mum had, had a bad UTI for two weeks at home. Knocked her back a bit and her walking was limited, could load bare but legs engaging to move was a struggle. Nurses and pyhisio from Virtual Ward suggested a short stay in a local Care Home to assess her needs re mobility etc. Was told a 5-7 day stay would suffice, i agreed as you do. Gets down to the Care Home and a carer says 4-6 weeks is the norm, what 5 days to 4-6 weeks is a big difference for a my mum whos 82 to be away from her family. Her last stay in Hospital for 4 weeks back in June for "assessment" set her back maasively not helped by a fall, lost glasses etc.

Mum went in last Wednesday and i,ve been down everyday, to see your mum crying, looking fearful and sat with a lifting sling in a wheel chair choked me
and i,m thinking what have i agreed to here! Took legal advice re her stay and my position and told staff on Friday she would be leaving on Saturday, word got to the Manageress and she came to see me in mums room. She understood my position but said she would contact mums previous Social Worker on Monday so told me wait till then. Mum was being hoisted everywhere by instruction to the home. She agreed mum should not being hoisted because she can load bare and Physio should have been the first port of call. She said mum would become chair bound at best with the current regime and more likely never ever walk again. Was fuming inside.

On Friday morning a Socail Worker rung me to introduce herself and in her best "patronising" voice informed me who she was and informed me mum was also subject to a "Safeguard Order" due to our lifting technique, the same used by Paramedics nationwide, gobsmacked!!!
Told her legal advice had been sought and mum would be coming home subject to approval from the Home manager. Also suggested she put a suitable Care Package in place before Christmas and would i not continue to watch a 82 woman being inappropiatly handled and her further mobility being put at risk. Gave her my Solicitors details and put the phone down.

Will give the Manageress time on Monday,as i said i would to contact mums old SW and get things moving. Shocking treatment and as left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Sorry for the essay !




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Jul 20, 2011
I'm sorry you are having to go through this. I am not sure of the legal position but it is good that you have a solicitor involved.
You could ask to speak to the manager of the social work team and explain that you are using a recognised paramedic lifting technique and preferably put it in writing.
I agree that you Mother should have physio. Anyway I can't see how they can keep her somewhere against her will (they would have to have a Deprivation of Liberty following a Best Interest Assessment) when all they are concerned about is a lifting technique. You could suggest that a physio shows you a lifting technique straight away and that you will use it with immediate effect - problem solved.

You could also suggest to them that they are keeping her against her will for a very easily solved problem and that you feel it is not in her best interests not to be mobile as this will jeopardise her future and she is only 82.

My Mother was also moved from hospital to rehab and we were told 4-6 weeks but i took her out after 10 days because she didn't want to be there and I could spend more time walking her at home than they ever did. I just moved her but i don't advise you to do that. At all costs you want to be seen as 'cooperative' with legal backing. SS don't like legal and they don't like local press and Councillors even more - so always worth interjecting into the conversation in a non-threatening way!!!!.

Some areas do have a 4 week stay in a care home with daily physio and Occupational therapy. This is sometimes a good option because it is hard to get daily physio otherwise.

I wish you good luck. Stay calm, getting angry gives them the power

Thinking of you x


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Dec 16, 2015
Thanks Fizzie,

Thing is Fizzie the easiest thing to do would have been some consistent Physio straight away, give the legs a chance as it were. But when Paramedics and the home staff witnessed her ability to load bare why hoist this woman about with the added anxiety and fear.

A different lifting technique and physio at home fine, but this no. Its abuse in a form and will not not be tolerated. The manager at the home said there are many lifting techniques that they use and the hoist is a last resort of sorts. But as we all know not using any muscle will become harder to re use that muscle at a later date.

Also Fizzie as regards local paper etc, Social Media is far more effective and reaches more people very quickly;)

Mum will be at home for Christmas, Guaranteed

Will keep everyone informed
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