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Jun 20, 2003
hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a good site about alzheimers and its affect. We think my grandmother may have this because in the last few years she has started to:
- tell the same stories over and over
- she;ll call people 2x wondering about the same thing
- loss of balance, she will just fall. She wont break any bones or anything like that but she will misjudge a step or something and fall. The doctors do not know what is causing this.
- she is becoming incredibly selfish and is refering to some of her children as her maids or servents. In away she is much like a little girl.
- she is having problems with her math skills
- she feels really quilty alot of times, and is depressed
- she gets fixated on things, like she has to have ice cream and then you all have to go out and get ice cream in the middle of the night or chedder cheese.
Were really not sure what is going on, but a friend had a similiar problem and her grandma has been since diagnosed with alzheimers. Does this sound like something familiar? Thanks in advance.


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Apr 1, 2003
Ideas and diagnosis help...

hi 5speed,

I am no medic but can tell you that your that you definitely need to get some expert advice and diagnosis for your grandmother.

We played guessing games with my dad for a long time and finally got a professional diagnosis. Our doctor did some simple tests but was not sure so sent dad to a specialist who indeed diagnosed Alzheimers. You really need to go through this process as there are different forms of dementia and all have different forms of treatment. The loss of balance is a bit worrying and may be connected to something else.

I read through your list of symptoms an it is of course possible. But a lot of these symptoms are linked to less serious forms of dementia which affect many older people.

I wish you luck and welcome you across the atlantic.

Oh and by the way, two good sites to have a look at: (look at the fantastic factsheets)

Diagnosis (but nothing beats professional advice!)

AND finally

Kind Regards
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carl r

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Jun 20, 2003
hi 5speed

This is my 1st reply as i am a new member.
My mum as been diagnosed with alzheimers about two months
ago after two years of it might be deep depression etc..
the things you have noticed have rang a lot of bells in my mind.
My mum eats tubs and tubs of ice cream and cheese at all times
of the day and night,as you say when the ice cream has gone
she demands dad to go and get some more or she becomes
mildley aggresive.
Without alarming you to much i would ask the gp to refer a
more in depth diagnosis.
We have been told for nearly two years that my mum had depression and because she is 61 the gp would not hear of it
being alzheimers(he was wrong)....
We feel our family have lost those two years.
HOPE i have helped,if you need to chat just post for me..
carl r

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