Always look out for the gorilla in the room ....


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Jul 16, 2008
This seems to me to fit perfectly in the 'Raising Awareness' section.

I hope this post will bring cheer to those who have had their own concerns about the ability of some CQC inspectors to look beyond the tick box.

It also reinforces the message that you should not always believe what you are told.

It's all about CQC Inspectors needing to be alert enought to spot the Gorilla.



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May 20, 2009
Thank you JPG1.
That brought a smile.
What struck me was that the inspector had at least the humility to admit mistakes and maybe learn from them, so shows some promise.

It is the buck passers that worry me.:rolleyes:

Maybe there is a video of a buck standing in a corner of a room.:D