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Jun 4, 2008
North west England.
I have just registered to this site although I have been reading a lot of its content for the last few months and have found a lot of information for which I am grateful.
My mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and has had two MMSE tests in the last eight months both of which were below 10. However, and I realise that I am in a very lucky position in that my mother only lives across the road from myself and my family all help look after her.
She has been on Aricept for the last six months but my mother now has no sense of time or day and basically works to the light of the day or the dark of the night. Sometimes my mum has walked across the road to our house after I have put her to bed on at least three occasions. Luckily I have still been awake.
Does anybody know whether it is possible to purchase or have any information about an alarm system that if my mothers front door opens especially at night that a buzzer or bell would ring in our house ( approx 30yards away).
Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Mar 23, 2008
coast of texas
Didn't find one of those a few years back. I used a baby monitor that had a very large range. Worked wonders as that if she fell all she had to do was yell out and we heard.




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Mar 23, 2005
Hi wazzer,

I don't have any exactly similar first hand experience myself, but my in-laws did have a helpline service from the council which I understood could be extended to include things like door sensors.

You can get some idea by looking at this web site:

Whether or not they could install a system that had the ability (automatically or through a control centre) to ring you would be an interesting question.

You could also ring a few local alarm companies and see what they think is feasible. It might be possible to install an alarm that you set on the front door when you put your mum to bed and it rings your number if the door is opened later.

Take care,



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Jul 31, 2007
Hi Wazzer,
Through our Local Authority they have alarm systems that cover doors and a necklace like cord that when they need help goes through to a Community Centre which has the names and telephone numbers in emergencies. It is like a rapid responce system.
I had one installed for my husband and it was brilliant.
Best wishes


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Feb 15, 2008
greenhithe kent
i have looked into this and there are a lot of threads with information most councils are now using a company called telecare it is not yet in my borough they have mats alarms amd moniters the council will contribure to this scheme, ALZ suggest assistant technology, they have a brochure. there is also the buddy system you will need a computer to track the person. all the best bclark:)


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Feb 13, 2008
HI there

One of the large security companies spoke to us recently about a similar sort of thing.
We didn't go into it in any length as it was for my mother in law.
I seem to remember it was something like securicor but could be wrong with the name but it was certainly a larger security company.
If the name comes to mind I;ll let you know.

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