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Aids Dementia Complex


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Jan 29, 2009
Hello - this may be a bit of a long shot but I wondered if anyone here had any information or good links re Aids Dementia Complex?

A friends work colleague (sort of business partner) has been told that he most likely has this. He is 35 and has been showing some very unusual out of character and worrying behaviour and is now awaiting further scans etc. He seems partly in denial and I am unsure re his partner as I don't know them very well.

There are two things I am looking for - one is a simple patient outline (as opposed to the heavy clinical papers I keep finding) although I hope he will be given appropriate information by the Consultant, plus something to help the work colleagues deal with his problems as well as possible, both for them and him.

I have so far put together some info with links on the Young Dementia UK and links regarding POA (he owns a business amongst other things)

Any other knowledge or information would be really appreciated