Aggitated and not eating


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Sep 6, 2007
Dublin, Ireland
My mum has alzheimers for 6 years now. She got taken to hospital by ambulance 5 weeks ago as the local GP got worried about her. They kept us there from 3pm till 10pm and while Mum did extremely well being cooped up like that finally lost it when they wanted a CT scan at 9.30. We finally got her home at 11pm.

Ever since that day she has declined and now seems to be in a very aggitated phase. We put her on Xanix to help but finally worked out that this was not helping. Since we took her off that she still has the aggitated episodes first thing in the morning but is easier and quicker to calm her down. As long as as someone is with her all the time we find it ok to keep her on an even keel. Never quite relaxing as waiting for the next aggitated phase of the day.

Anybody got any helpful tips to combat the morning aggitation - even if its a medication they found that works without causing dopiness. She was on seroquil but got so dopy that we couldn't handle her.

The seroquil increased her appetite all right and she began to demolish her meals with enthusiasm. But since taken off that she won't eat. 2 mouthfulls of cornflakes for breakfast and one sip of tea. Not much for lunch and dinner is a really fight. She will demolish the biscuit tin at supper time.

Any tips to get them to eat - have checked her teeth so its not that she has a sore mouth.

Any advice much appreciated


Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I wish I could help but it`s so hard to tempt those who have lost their appetites.
Obviously if she will` demolish biscuits` she hasn`t forgotten how to eat so if that`s what she`ll eat, that`s what I`d give her.
I hope you don`t think I`m being flippant. Your mother can`t sustain herself healthily on biscuits. But they are high in calories and might stop her losing weight and eventually you might be able to wean her back onto more acceptable food.
And if my husband wanted to live on biscuits, I`d make my own, so I could ensure he was getting decent ingredients and no E numbers or preservatives etc.


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Jun 25, 2009
My dad went through an episode of depression and agitation a few weeks ago. He was put on Mementine (Exiba), but think this was more to combat his symptoms of anxiety, and it takes 4 weeks to kick in. Not sure it would suit your mum.

Dad also lost his appetite at this time. He would complain if i put a large meal in front of him and would only eat a few bites. I found he would also eat biscuits though so i found several cups of tea, occompanied with a plate of biscuits, worked well.

Like Grannie G says, i know she cant go on eating biscuits, but I also found any snack, such as yoghurts, fruit and even toast worked better on him than being faced with a big meal. And hopefully she will regain her appetite as she gets better!