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Advice please


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Aug 20, 2015
My sister, aged 79 has Alzheimers (diagnosed 2013, although she was showing symptoms for some time before diagnosis) She lives alone, some 30 miles from me, but is coping remarkably well with 3 home visits per day and 3 days per week at a day centre (which she loves).

Recently she has been asking repeatedly for me to take her to collect some of her belongings from "an empty house 2 doors away from her home" There is no empty house in her street, but she has produced a set of keys which she claims are for this house 2 doors away.

So far I have been trying distraction but this works only for a day or so and then the matter is brought up again. I have also suggested that she give me the keys and let me investigate things for her - I was wondering if it is the presence of the keys which is triggering the belief that she has property elsewhere, and that maybe if the keys are not present it might resolve the issue. So far she has refused to give me the keys but insists that I go with her to this house to collect her goods.

I would appreciate any advice you can give on how I can best manage this.
Many thanks