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Apr 25, 2008
West Midlands
Hi there

Social Services called today to say that they're coming to assess mum on Tuesday. Does anyone know whether they will offer any support if mum and dad have savings or will they just give us a list of private companies to contact? If this is the case how much would they have to have in the bank for social services to decline care?

Also, if mum's adamant that she can manage, with dad's help, and refuses any outside help, i.e. someone coming to help wash and dress her in the morning, would they over-rule mum on the basis that dad can't cope (have requested a carer's assessment for him too), or would they take mum's wishes into account?

I just want to be prepared for the meeting on Tuesday and any advice would be much appreciated.

Many thanks.



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Apr 11, 2008

My experience with having carers in was positive. Social Services were very good and did a thorough assessment. With regards to charges, they assessed my Mom and Dad's income from pensions (which was a reasonable sum) and also took into account their savings (about 30,000.00). Mom ends up paying about 12.00/week for her care, not too bad. It does depend upon what savings you have though I think. As I understand it, I think SS would organise the care, it's just how much you pay towards it. I don't think they would decline it as such. Have a look on your local council's website as they should explain on there and also publish a booklet which tells you all about the charges. As for the bit about them overiding your Mom, not too sure about this, sorry.
Hope this helps.

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