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Advice on getting the right doctor.


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Jun 3, 2015
My Father has been diagnosed with Alzheimers by a Geriatric Doctor after he had a brain scan and various tests. He takes one Aricept per day. He's been seeing this doctor for about a year or so and I go to the appointments with my both my parents. I am not keen on the Doctor, his communication skills are not great and it wasn't until I actually asked the doctor directly, when my dad wasn't in the room, whether he has Alzheimers, that's when I got a formal diagnosis. Before then this had not been mentioned to anyone including my Mother. I found that to be strange and unsettling. Is there a specialist in Alzheimers? We're based in London and can pay for a private consultation if necessary, but I'm not sure who to take my dad to. Perhaps the doctor we have is fine, I just want some reassurance and would like seek further advice from a doctor who specialises in Alzheimers.


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Pippa. Welcome to TP
There are several private consultants if you google Alzheimer's consultants London.
People are reluctant to complain about doctors and I do know what you mean some can be quite difficult to deal with, uncommunicative and some times down right impatient. I do wonder though what a private consultation can give that the NHS can't.
As there is very little that can be done other than Aricept then I feel you'd just be paying quite a lot of money for very little other than someone taking the time to reassure you, but of what I'm not sure.
Others may have used private medicine and have a different view but I think the best place to find out what you need to know is here, from the troops in the front line who are dealing with this every day.