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Advice on Family's rights on choosing a care home


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Aug 10, 2015
My brother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and has been in a local hospital mental health unit for the past six months. We have been battling with social services over settling him permanently into a suitable care home. He has been sectioned and under Section 117 they should provide his on-going care. We feel they have deliberately stalled moving him until after the law changed in April and are now insisting that we pay top up fees to move him to a home we feel is appropriate to his needs. They are using very underhand tactics such as taking him to see a totally unsuitable home which is nowhere near his family, without informing us of this or asking us to attend. They also claim that his is capable of making a decision as to where he lives, which is contrary to the psychological reports and assessments made during his stay at the unit. He can't even remember being taken to the home, let alone make a decision on where he would like to live. We feel that they are keen to "shove him off" to a home to release the bed he is taking up at the mental health unit. I would like to know if they are able to legally move him without our consent or without allowing us to visit the home they plan to move him to?