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advice needed urgently please :(


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Aug 29, 2015
my father in law has had dementia for a while now and we have seen a rapid decline in him over the last few months but last sunday we could have a conversation (short but he knew what we were talking about etc) and could get around ( shuffling but still using his stick) but he had seemed to be acting like he was drunk( but wasn't) for a couple of weeks.. just not with it really is all I can explain it as

he didn't seem very well on mon and the doc came out tues and admitted him into hospital at which point he wasn't great, but the docs can find nothing wrong with him and want to discharge him. hes not the same person that went in, he cant move, cant really talk or eat or do anything its soul destroying to see.

they are saying its late stages of dementia, but my question is this I guess, can he really change so much in 4 days from dementia ?? if so what does the future hold, does that mean the end is going to come as quick? or could it still last for ages.

he lives at home with us but right now I can not see how he can stay this way but the worse he is the more we want him at home.

feeling very lost and confused with it all :( how can things change so quickly so badly :(


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Aug 28, 2012
Hello Carer!

Gosh it does sound as if your Father-in-law has suddenly got worse since going into hospital.

I am not a medical person, but I wonder if the medics have checked to see whether Father in law has had a stroke or perhaps a mini stroke before he was admitted to hospital. The reason I say this is that the on start of my Mum's dementia happened very rapidly.

Before she went into hospital there were no signs at all of any dementia - she was admitted into hospital with spinal wedge fractures and while she was in developed a dragging foot. While she was in hospital that was when the confusion started and although we were never told she had had a stroke I am convinced she had had one.

Also, a change in environment can make a person with dementia more confused.

It may be worth your while seeing if you can have a word with a hospital Dr before your Father in law returns home as you sound as if you need to have a lot of your questions answered.

Hope this info may be of some help.



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Oct 5, 2013
Has he been checked for any infection! UTI or chest infection the most usual. Both can change behaviour very quickly.