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Advice for mum


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Feb 13, 2016
Hi everyone, joined today as i don't know what to do .
My mum as being diagnosed with vascular dementia over 12 months now, as first my sister arrange a care package with the local social services etc and she receives 4 x 30 min calls per day , this included helping her wash bath and dress, cook, meds to be administered. also include laundry and domestic cleaning once a week.she was not charge for her care because she did not have enough income and no savings.
they started charging my mum last in around march when my father was sent home from hospital as they could do no more for him (he is fully funded by nhs)
the care group overdosed my mum and i informed safe guarding who in turn carried out an investigation and found the care group guilty of negligence. since then my mum homes as become very dirty and no cleaning or laundry is being done so i informed social services who say they are looking into it.

mu concern is they are charging my mum and i dont know if they should be, everytime i speak to a socil worker or carer i do not get an answer, apparantly fairer charging did and assement with regards my mums income and said she need to contribute but her income is the same as it was twoo years ago.

can someone recommend somewhere i can go and show mums income so they can tell me if she as to pay the fee's.

not trying to get out paying , if thats correct then so be it , but i feel as the social services have reduced her care but increased her costs.

any help appreciated.


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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
Welcome to TP.

I would start with your local branch of either Age UK, Alzheimer's Society or CAB. Take as much paperwork as you have showing how much mum is paying and what her income and savings are, also if there are letters from the council about charges these would also be useful. These people can also check if mum is getting all the benefits she's entitled to. Does she get Attendance Allowance and the SMI disregard which should reduce the council tax they pay?

You say mum's care package was started after diagnosis about a year ago (so Jan/Feb 2015) and has been charged since around March. Sometimes it takes a while for councils to do the financial assessment so that may explain why she wasn't charged at first.

The poor quality of care is an entirely different matter and if the care plan is not being adhered to then complain in writing both to the council and the agency directly. You can also complain to the Care Quality Commission. Have to say that from your description that is quite a lot to do in 4x 30minute visits so maybe the time allowed is just not enough?


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Oct 30, 2014
As Pickles says, you should make sure you get the financial assessment in writing from your LA, and make an appointment with your local AgeUK or Citizens Advice office so they can check it. You would need to evidence your mum's income from pensions etc. You might want to have a read of the guide 'Paying for care and support at home' download at bottom of this link http://www.ageuk.org.uk/home-and-care/help-at-home/paying-for-care-and-support-at-home2/

From what I can see, after any charge for care, your mum is required to be left with a minimum of about £189 per week, to cover food costs etc. But Ageuk etc should be able to check this all for you.

Best wishes.