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Apr 8, 2006
Hello again, I am hoping that someone out there can help with a frightening and distressing "breathing" problem MIL is currently experiencing (she is 93).

MIL has had 3 visits this year already to the local A&E via ambulance due to her "choking fits" and has had several epsiodes at home here with us. On all occasions hospital has found nothing wrong, she has had chest xrays, tube down the nose to check blockages etc, blood tests, all to no avail as to finding a cause.

The episodes only occur at lunchtimes when she has her main cooked meal, breakfasts and teas are fine, she only has them when someone is with her, never alone. We thought that she was eating her food too quickly (her carers always tell her to slow down), usually she vomits excess food and within a short time is OK even to the extent of finishing off her meal!
Last Wednesday however, whilst out with the local Crossroads carer, at her club,she had a really bad attack whilst eating her fish and chips, although she had only eaten a couple of mouthfuls of fish. When we arrived at the hospital MIL 's breathing sounded dreadful a full three hours after the episode, again she was discharged after all tests were done. We took her home (she lives with us) her breathing worsened but then lessened when she dozed, (call was made to local doctor during the worse point but as symptoms lessened no point in visiting).
We spent a very fraught night listening out incase she needed help, by morning she was right as ninepence stating "I had a very good nights sleep"(she always moans she doesn't sleep very well but snores very loudly).

Sorry for the length, I am hoping someone can help with some suggestions or is experiencing similar.

Thank you for such a wonderful site
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Feb 22, 2006
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Hi Trisha

I'm sure there's someone else around here who knows more about this than I do, but for what it's worth, my dad was having some choking/coughing fits when eating ... though not with the breathing problems you describe. It looks like it's something that a lot of the people in his nh have a problem with as well.

Dad had some input from speech and language therapy. I was a bit surprised by that, not the people I'd imagined being involved, but they have a "swallowing clinic" and were very helpful. They've advised nh to put dad on a semi-soft diet - no chewy meat, hard pastry etc (maybe the fish and chips that your MIL was tackling was too much for her) . That seems to be helping.


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Apr 8, 2006
Aine - Thanks for your input glad to know that I am not the only one experiencing this problem, MIL seen her doctor now and is being referred to a speech therapist. She has eaten fish and chips several times, including the day before her episode, this is her favourite meal! and has not had any problems before, will be interesting to see what happens after her referral.

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