2nd opinion?

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Mar 13, 2006

hi everyone,

just a quick update, i went to my doctor today, and mentioned that we would like a second opinion, she did say we were entitled to one but she didnt think that there was another consultant available in this area.
she did say she would look into it for us and that she would also have a word with my mums consultant to see whats going on.
not sure if its the outcome i was looking for but its a start.
weve also enquired about a hearing aid for mum as her hearing is getting quite bad which just adds to her confusion at times weve been told that its going to take a few months for mum to get to see a ENT doctor even though my dad has offered to pay for a hearing aid privately, we just seem to be going round in circles:confused:
we feel as though were being fobbed off by everyone its very frustrating when all we want to do is make sure my mum is getting the best care we can give.:mad:
take care all x
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