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“Copied from my hand written notes Started on Saturday 30 May”


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Oct 14, 2006
After my computer went down last month (May) I kept hand written notes which I have now type up!

Took my computer for repair as it needed a new (Hard-drive) they said it would take about a week but actually took two weeks but fortunately not as expensive as I thought it would be!

Then I went for my monthly check-up, the doctor had a quiet word with Sumi and said that my condition has declined far more sine my previous visit, so has my Parkinson’s and the agitation so the doctor has increased my medications.

Fortunately my diabetes blood sugar is on ‘Par’ but my latest health issue is an area of concern as the swelling in my left leg, hip, groin, and the very delicate area of the male anatomy has been getting worse so the doctor has changed my blood circulation tablets and has also referred me to see a (Bone specialist) ‘Orthopedist’ as she thinks it might be a “Lymph gland node” causing the problem or maybe coming from my osteoarthritis in my spine and hips, I don’t know, all I do now is that it’s getting very uncomfortable so all I can do is to lay flat on my back with my leg raised up which helps lessen the swelling well that is until i start moving around again! Now all we can do is to wait and see what the Orthopedist says next Monday evening!

One thing I did make clear t my doctor was that any type of operation is out of the question as the anesthetics would only cause my dementia to decline far more rapidly so I will have to depend on medications, anyway there’s no way Sumi and I could afford such an operation out here as it would be far, far too expensive for me and out of our monthly budget! You might say (don’t you have medical insurance) and the answer to that is “NO” as health insurance was only introduced out here about 8 years ago but if you have any type of dementia or are over the age of 65 then the insurance companies won’t insure you, but at least I do have health insurance for Sumi and our granddaughter but unfortunately that doesn’t help with my health issues.

To be very honest I feel as though I have now slipped into the abyss and not having the computer and the added health issues is just making me feel even worse and far more depressed so I’m at a very low point in life, I feel very physically weak and lethargic and even more confused than ever before since my diagnoses!

Those of us with any type of dementia strive to fight back at the illness day after day to try and retain some sort of quality in life “But” when other health issues invade your daily life the daily fight turns into a constant mêlée, we know we can’t win “YEY” we must fight on, and despite all that is happening in my life I would say my dear wife Sumi who I can see from the tears filling her doe brown eyes is far more anxious and distressed then myself about my condition and at a loss of knowing what to do for the best to help me, and I am at a loss of knowing how to best help Sumi! And if I look back over the past ten and a half years before my diagnoses then life was good for us and we were steaming down the fast highway of life with our thriving bakery and café business but once my diagnoses of dementia came on the scene our life has been turned upside down and into a daily battle of dragons and dungeon’s, this illness is a catch 22 situation without any absolution or turning back…

Sunday 30 May:
I know it’s only Sunday but I’m already starting to panic about going to see the (orthopedist) on Monday evening as it’s like waiting to enter into an unknown zone and I’m filled with apprehension!

Monday 1st June:

I woke up not feeling good as from the moment I opened my eyes I realised today was the day I had to see the orthopedist specialist!

The (orthopedist) doctor’s clinic phoned and told us that my appointment had been changed to 3pm which was some good news! The doctor first wanted to know all my medical history since my diagnoses; he then gave me a check-up of my legs, hips and spine and confirmed that I have osteoarthritis but that wasn’t causing the swelling in my leg and groin! But he did say that the left “Lymph Node” was very swollen and that my ‘private area’ was very inflamed and swollen! So he gave me a cause of medication for the (Lymph Node) and referred me to a (Urologist) for immediate further attention! To be hones when we left his clinic after all the bending and twisting of my limbs I felt very uncomfortable and as though I’d be examined by a contortionist!

Once at the hospital we again had to explain to the (Urologist specialist) about all my health issues since my diagnoses, then he examined the swollen areas and did an ultrasound and said that my prostrate was swollen, I explained to him that I’d had an ultrasound just a few weeks ago but he said it wasn’t done appropriately as he could clearly see that the prostrate was badly swollen which he said was also causing the swelling in my (private area) my immediate thought was (I hope it’s not cancer) ‘But’ he assured me it wasn’t, I hope he’s right! Anyway I was again given a course of yet more medications.

With all that over Sumi and I finally got back home about 10pm and feeling very exhausted, now it’s just a matter of hopping that all the very, very expensive medications and doctors’ fees work OK!

One thing I do is that all the extra medications have made me feel extremely drugged up and very drowsy!

Barry © ;)