young-onset dementia

  1. M


    My husband has some form of early onset dementia aged 62. We are awaiting a MRI brain scan but I will be very surprised if he does not be diagnosed with BVFTD. This was discussed at the memory clinic. I have joined this forum as I am not finding it easy to cope with his anger and irritation. He...
  2. topher

    Early onset Alzheimer’s

    Hi my name is Chris. I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's on Dec 1st 2023. I’m 57 years of age so coming to terms with the diagnosis and changes as the disease develops was and still is difficult to digest, it’s only in the last few weeks that I believe I’ve come to terms with my news...
  3. L

    Mother has early onset dementia

    Hi everyone Its nice to know there is a community of people who are in similar situations as us. My mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia at 61, it has been really hard for us as a family watch this awful disease rob her of the person she was, as her condition has rapidly declined...
  4. J

    Waiting and worried 😟

    My brother with early onset alzheimers has been having paranoia and psychosis symptoms getting worse over last 6 days. Have cancelled carers as not safe now, been seen at home by local GP, then mental health nurse then today nurse again with Dr from memory clinic. All agreed he needs to be...
  5. J


    Hi, few weeks ago brother (early onset alzheimers) was more confused, rambling on, had few accidents (wee) said about getting taxi to airport, very poor movement and co ordination and swore at carer, never been aggressive before. GP checked him over all ok but couldn't provide urine sample...
  6. F

    Care Home Worries

    Hi all, I haven't posted on here since Nov 23, I guess because I've been spending all my time trying to deal with Mum and her illness. My mum was diagnosed with early onset dementia in November 2022, and she is now 64 years old. She has rapidly declined since Christmas. Yesterday we moved her...
  7. M

    Feeling Overwhelmed

    My DH was diagnosed last year with early onset Alzheimer's. Two weeks ago he lost his job. The sadness, fear and anger I feel is literally overwhelming. I feel like I'm drowning. Any tips to help with this drowning feeling?
  8. M


    Hi my name is Jane and my husband has dementia he was diagnosed with young onset dementia and also frontal temporal dementia In 2019. during this time his condition has deteriorated and has great trouble with communication and understanding on the whole we are coping with daily living but just...
  9. T

    New to Forum

    Hi My wife was diagnosed with young onset alzheimers dementia which took quite a while to diagnose and she's deteriorated really quickly over the last two years
  10. S

    Mum asked my Dad to marry her, how to react?

    Hi all, my parents have been married for almost 30 years, received the early onset diagnosis last November time at 61yr old and rapidly declining still. Today my Mum has asked my Dad to marry her, of course he is going along with it I find this really difficult to take in & would love some...
  11. M


    Hi I am new to this. Am looking after my sister who has Alzheimer's with young onset. She was diagnosed 2021 she was 56. My husband died 2022 so decided to move back to Manchester to care from. OMG didn't realise how hard a d challenging it was going to be. Sometimes I wish I hadn't done it...
  12. K


    I joined in 2021 when I was supporting a friend with Alzheimers. She has now been in a dementia unit since November 2021 because she was endangering herself. I have P.O.A., and visit her once a week. However, my priorities have changed. My husband who is 80 and previously very active, now...
  13. F

    Support for my husband

    I was wondering whether there was anyone willing to chat to my husband. His 55 and was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's last October. We are struggling to connect with people who are in the same situation as there's nothing in our area, thanks Donna 😍
  14. O

    Advice on caring for my Mother at 23

    "Hey everyone, I stumbled across this forum recently and found all the information really helpful! My mum got diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer's in January last year. As the only person currently living with her (23M), I have found the whole process extremely difficult and still consider...
  15. K

    Mums deteriorating and I need help regarding her driving and the rules around it

    Hi There, My mother was diagnosed with the early onset of Alzheimers last May - it's getting worse, with her being quite poorly and not getting to the loo on time and the other obvs symptoms....I think we're now in the middle ground, bordering the late stage. She refuses to accept help, she is...
  16. H

    Moving from a care home to a nursing home

    My Aunty is 55 and currently in a care home she has rapid progressive and early onset dementia. The care home have needed us to hire 24 hour 1:1 additional carers for the last month as she has regular outbursts and is so unsettled. We are now paying over £4000 a week for her care! I really feel...
  17. J

    New to all this

    I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s . I’m having a hard with it .
  18. J

    New member

    Just wanted to introduce myself. My husband was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 64. His symptoms have declined rapidly.
  19. S

    Missing him

    My husband has early onset dementia. He is no longer a man I know. He only cares for himself and his needs and ignores everyone in the family especially me. I am finding it hard to love this new version of him and find myself resenting most everything he does.
  20. Y


    Hello everyone, A close family member has recently been diagnosed with early onset dementia and we are considering whether or not they should take donepezil. There are some serious side effects which we are concerned about so we are taking our time in making what feels like a big next step...