Ideas/advice for new front door lock needed


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Dec 11, 2013
My Mum lives independently in a warden assisted flat, and was on occasion putting the latch down on the yale lock which meant the carers couldn't always get in as key wouldn't turn. We removed this lock, meaning she now just has one lock on the door, which locks or opens with a key - or can be unlocked by hand from the inside. Carers lock up when they leave, but now Mum on occasion unlocks it, so the door is now sometimes open/unlocked when the carers arrive
Is there any advice anyone can offer as to what lock we could put there so Mum is secure and carers can get in? We are a bit limited as it's a leasehold flat. Any specialist companies that could advise, or is it a case of seeing if a locksmith can help? Any advice or tips much appreciated. Thanks.


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Apr 6, 2011
You could just dismantle the yale lock, or a new one if you have discarded it, and remove/disable the snib.
Fairly easy to do, a DIYer or locksmith could do it for you.
It decreases the security as the latchbolt could then be pushed back using a simple tool as you can't use the snib to prevent this.
You can get yale type locks with a small plunger which gets pushed in by the keep plate to prevent this happening if the door is shut, sometimes known as anti-carding although a credit card will not push a latchbolt back.


Image of 'anti carding' lock added.


Just realised image is of a BS lock which can only be dead locked from the inside by use of a key, the snib does not work if the door is closed. A disadvantage is that the snib can be use to hold the latchbolt back with the door open, if the door is then closed the latchbolt does not operate and the door is not locked.
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Jul 5, 2017

Have you managed to resolve this situation now? Apologies if this post is a bit late as I can't work out the date formatting on this site!

I had a similar issue with my mum and I think talking to a locksmith is quite a good idea. I used Locksmiths London and they provided excellent advice on the situation. I think it is a case of needing to speak to the landlord first, but they sorted all that out for us.

All the best to you and your mum and let me know how you get on.

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