Family support/understanding


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Apr 22, 2024
Where do I start? My dad passed at 84 a year ago. Mom has had dementia for awhile now yet 7 months after my siblings knew it was dangerous to be living alone. I offered to stay weekdays if they covered weekends. I offered multiple times and was never told it was a good idea from my siblings. Instead she was put in an assisted living in her home town. That lasted about 6 weeks as she walked to a nearby restaurant my brother had to bring her back. Apparently multiple falls and finally my sister moved her to a locked facility out of town. That was the best thing for her but she’s incredibly lonely. When I look at her calendar I see my sister made time 2 days last month, and my brother hadn’t been since Dec. And not sure if my other brother has been there since she was moved in Nov. I’m just so angry 😤 at them for dumping her so they could do something else. I need to figure this out because it hurts us both.


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Feb 6, 2024
How is she when you are not around? Many pwds complain about where they live but are know to actively engage with others.